Election 2016: Konadu, Nduom go through; Ayariga and Akua Donkor miss out again

Ghana’s Electoral Commission with the participation of the various political parties has conducted the balloting for election 2016 which is set for December 7 this year. The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) took the number one slot on the ballot paper, followed by the National Democratic Party (NDP) for number two, National Democratic Congress (NDC) for number three, Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) for number four, New Patriotic Party (NPP) for number five, the Peoples National Convention (PNC) for number six and the final slot for the Independent candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah. CPP – 1 NDP – 2 NDC – 3 PPP – 4 NPP – 5 PNC – 6 Joy -Independent Coincidentally the ballot position of presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Patriotic Party which is number 5 corresponds with the same positions of the party’s parliamentary candidates. The same coincidence occurs for the National Democratic Congress which took the number 3 position for presidential and parliamentary.

By Asante Okyere Bismark/ Aliveghananews.com