Land Encroached By Captain Budu Koomson And Pekan Associates Released By Government-Dan Laryea

The Numo Nmanshie family has warn perpetrators including self-style Flag staff House security capo for illegally selling Portion of land in the East Legon vicinity encroached by retired captain Budu Koomson and his Pelican Associate members has been released by government.

The petition by the family members of the land to release the land in question and the government has been halted with a release of the land by the government.

Sufficed by a mass investigation into the true owner of the land , the parcel of land around the Mempeasem area in East Legon ,has been sold to one Mr Samuel Larbi Darko by the family heads.

Secretary to the Nuumo Nmashie, Mr. Daniel Nii Abrolh , revealed that the government through his executive instruments (E. 172 of 1974), acquired the land for the construction of the Accra Training College (ATTRACO).

Captain Retired Budu Koomson and some members of the Pekanbaru community of the Mempeasem zone, however, clashed heavily with the Ghana Police Service, military personal and land guards in the capital based community.

There has been no clash with the military but thugs organised by Captain Budu Koomson were arrested by the police.

Sources close to the genesis of the whole saga however revealed that , the parcel of land has been duly released to the rightful owners, Nuumo Nmashie of Teshie and Dzirasee family of La, who also sold the land to the current legitimate owner , Mr Samuel Larbi Darko.

The trouble seeking captain Budu Koomson according to multiple sources, have tormented one Mr. Samuel Larbi Darko, a legitimate land owner in the area for the last few months.

Joining hands with Pekan Enclave Association, Captain Budu has earmarked Mr. Samuel Darko as his Chief victim for the last few months, shielding behind the name of the Jubilee house and the NPP as a party to execute his nefarious acts.

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina