The New Patriotic Party Greater Accra Secretaries and Deputy’s called Justice for Truth and Action has stated it emphatically that if the party want someone to lead the affairs of the party with potential, credibility, integrity, confidentiality, competency etc.

To continue exercising power till 2024 is not other person than Mr. John Boadu who is the best candidate for the General Secretary position.

They said Mr. Boadu can enforce the party structures to work perfectly without any interference and he is the real son of the party not like others.

According to them, With the help of Mr. Boadu NPP was able to get most of the Constituencies belonged to the opposition National Democratic Party in all the 10 regions through operation adopt a polling campaign.

This they said, Mr. John Boadu, was able to provide exceptional administrative an operational leadership which helped the party to secure victory at 2016 polls.

“We believe the task ahead is bigger and more daunting. The 2020 Election is not a walk over and the NPP cannot leave the leadership in the hands of people who wants to try their luck. It Iain this spirit that we wish to advise our party members to vote massively for Mr. John Boadu. ”

They also added that, Mr. John Boadu has promised that by the end of his tenure, all 275 constituencies will have a well – furnished office stocked with IT systems to help in the day to day administration of the constituencies.

To them, he has also promised to deepen the relationship between the party’s grassroots and government appointees to ensure that the party is kept in the known about all ongoing projects and programs of the government.

The Greater Accra Secretarys and Deputys are appealing to all delegates to vote massively for Mr. John Boadu, which they believed he led the party to victory when all hopes were lost.

They therefore appealed to npp delegates who will be taking part in upcoming Saturday 7th July, 2018 National executives election to cast their votes for Mr. John Boadu who has the passion and self dedication to serve the party and never allow themselves to be influence by money, because npp is not for sale for few people selfish interest.

Report by Bernard K Dadzie