NPP launches ‘Adopt Polling Station’ campaign in Wa

The Upper West Regional office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has launched a campaign in Wa to raise funds for their polling station activities on election day.

Dubbed “Adopt A Polling Station”, the campaign seeks to make the party resources sufficient for the upkeep of polling agents on election day and to facilitate other operational activities that involve operations around polling stations during the voting process.The launch was set at the main lorry station in the regional capital to, according to party officials, attract the attention of the average market women to buy into the campaign to support the party’s efforts.NPP polling agents were reported to have complained about the lack of support from the party during the 2012 election, with many of them supposed to have been left to fend for themselves as they policed the polls across the region.

Those complaints appeared to hinge on the lack of ready funds to support the purpose.

Modest crowd

Addressing a modest crowd that appeared to have gathered spontaneously,  the Regional Chairman of the party, Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Abubakar, urged party faithful to contribute towards the upkeep of polling agents on election day.

Alhaji Abubakar, popularly called Alhaji Short, said Upper West needed to be part of a supposed wind of change that, he said, would bring economic redemption to the entire country.

He said the poverty levels of the region meant the people needed accelerated development which, according to him, could be delivered by the NPP.

The event was attended by most of the party’s parliamentary candidates in the region, and each took time to canvass for votes for the party.

The Deputy National Organiser of the party, Nuhu Mahama, said the NPP was better positioned to move Ghana to economic prosperity, and appealed to the people  in the region to look towards the party at the December 7 polls.