Online auction site BIDDGH launched in Accra


BIDDGH, an online auction site has been launched at a short but impressive ceremony at the premises of Blue Crest College in Accra.

The launch witnessed the pioneering of a business venture that will allow consumers of products to buy items cheaper than the retail price.

“This will be done in a clean, fair and competitive manner, ” a statement by the BIDDGH stated.

The auction site is the brainchild of five young entrepreneurs- Stephen Osei, Seth Ofori Baffour, Rosalind Dampem Bediako, Prince Amoah and Derek Ntim Peasah came together to put this idea into fruition.

“Bidding in many parts of the world demands a certain level of physical presence and all the razzmatazz that goes with it. We want bidders out there to have the luxury of time to make these decisions within a certain time frame and also the chance to avoid spot on bids that may not inure to the benefit of the bidder.

We save you time the tense moments and sealed envelopes for the bidding processes. We are daring to do things differently and we are inviting all and sundry to be a big part of this great vision,” he stressed in the statement.

Biddgh, a product of ACYST Technology Company Limited provides a one-of-a-kind auction experience and an expansive sales portal.


Most auction sites operate in two significant ways: The life span of the item are prolonged up to about a whole month before a winner is declared.

2. Before you can participate in a bid you would need to purchase some kind of online currency so you can use that credit to compete with others on the item. That means if someone buys more credit not only are you not going to win the item, but you’re also going to lose your credit because once you bid it is gone forever.

With BIDDGH we believe if someone wants an item he/she should not chase it for a whole month before they can have it. And so the maximum life span of our items is 24 hours. Because items would be on auction one at a time, some items will span for just an hour and a winner is declared.

Addressing the currency issue, we believe if you don’t win an item you shouldn’t lose your money. However there’s an entrance fee to every bid, which is non-refundable. This fee is not fixed. It is based on the value of the item and so it can be as low as 1 cedi or as high as 100 cedis. Once this fee is paid, either through mobile money wallet or through a card service, the system then allows you to place your bid according to what you have in your pocket. If someone outbids you the only money you lose is the entrance fee.

We chose our theme “UNLEASH THE CHAMPION IN YOU” because we want to instil the go-getter-attitude in our users. We believe everyone has a beast inside that can enable them do anything if the right switches are turned on. Biddgh wants to do more than selling and making money. We want to change perceptions, that we’re capable more than what we give ourselves credit for.