VIDEO: It’s A Pity To Suggest I’ll Move Ghana’s Capital To Kyebi – Nana Addo

New Patriotic Party Presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has dismissed claims that he wants to move the national capital to Kyebi in the Eastern Region when elected Head of the Republic.

Last week, images of a purported leaked email attributed to Nana Addo and a member of the NPP surfaced, hinting that the NPP Presidential Nominee plans to the capital from Accra to his hometown, Kyebi.

The leaked email also purported that Nana Addo had promised a German firm a contract to build a new Township in the Eastern Region and use it as the new capital for the country.

Responding to the issues in the studios of Peace FM, Nana Addo stated emphatically that he doesn’t “send e-mails. I don’t do that. I understand it well. I have an account but I don’t use it…I prefer face to face dealing.

He explained the reports as a propaganda strategy by his political opponents to score political points.

In fact, it’s alarming for someone to even imagine that. It’s like when they said that President Kufour would carry the sea from Accra to Kumasi. It is a pity that our opponent, that is the level of engagement they want to bring to Ghanaians. It’s like they don’t respect Ghanaians. What will make me, within a short period of presidency; move the capital from Accra to Kyebi; because I hail from there?

“I think some people don’t understand that you come to work for the progress of the country. If you are from Bole, does that mean, you must only care about people from Bole? I don’t understand why someone will come out with such malicious allegations that I come from Kyebi, so all that I’m coming to do is to elevate the position of Okyehene just because of politics. I don’t know why someone who come into Ghanaian politics and give very narrow limited vision of what the country is.

Watch the video below:


Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi/